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Paroxetine is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Paroxetine where to buy • How to use Prozac (SSRI) This program has been developed collaboratively by GPs from Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. It gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects Prozac and can be taken from a GP's office or by any computer with the free use of internet connection. It provides complete information on different phases of treatment, including adverse effects, the risk to unborn or new-born babies. Online access The programme contains all of information on Prozac available at this web site. The website has been developed free from commercial companies and all of the information is published under licence from the National Health Service. Information provided The programme provides information on drug Prozac. It also provides information on Prozac use by adults under 25 years, which is not always available from NHS information centres or medical professionals. It was developed by GPs from Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, by clinical pharmacologists and psychopharmacologists from Bristol University College London. It contains information on the effect of Prozac body, side effects and the risks to unborn or neonatal babies. It also presents the information to help you make an informed decision. The programme is not meant to replace the advice given by a GP and pharmacist, it is intended to be used along side, and only with this information, may answer questions about specific aspects of treatment Who is eligible? It is not recommended that Prozac administered with other drugs, including antidepressants, but it can act as a substitute for other medicines. The programme does not address any questions on alternative treatments such as medication or psychotherapy. Information provided The programme provides information on drug Prozac. It does not represent an "end-all" guide to the treatment of depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder and is not intended to replace the advice given by a GP and pharmacist, nor is it suitable for self-treatment of depression. If you think these pages may be helpful to you please consider helping keep the website running. You can help by making a donation. The funding of this information programme has been provided by the National Institute of Mental Health. It is a 77 canada pharmacy coupon code government-sponsored research initiative overseen by the Department of Health. This programme is produced by the GPs Association Northern Ireland Limited and produced by The Pharmacal Information Unit. The publication "How to use Prozac - the complete guide" (GPs Association of Northern Ireland Limited, 1996) is a public service. The GPs Association Northern Ireland Limited is responsible for the content of this programme. If you wish to be contacted by telephone contact them Paroxetine 20mg $359.42 - $1 Per pill on 029 3343 0300 or via 0800 300 300. Alternatively the GP's website can be contacted through The NHS website for UK has this information. The NHS website for USA has this information. This programme is available in other languages.

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